Top 6 Tips to By Premium Domains At Really Reasonable Prices

Premium Domains At Really

Premium domains are domains that are already registered and are available on the market for resale. This means that if you want to buy them, you’ll have to deal with the current owner. Premium domain names are pretty expensive. But here are ways that you can you can find them at really reasonable prices:

Research the premium domains reseller extensively

Find out if the premium domain reseller has a previous history of the premium domain sales. Find out if they have a blog, website or social media platform that could offer you deep insights into the status of the premium domain name. Every bit of information on the reseller could help you negotiate the price downwards.

Extensively research the premium domains

Premium domains, like used cars, have documented histories of use, which can help you bring down their valuations. You can conduct extensive research to find this information. Some vital information to find out during research include whether the domains were sold previously, whether they were used to host websites or blogs, whether they carry Google penalties or negative backlink profile, whether they have any trademark issues, and much more.

Search the premium domains’ social media profile availability

You will want to create social media pages for your business website after acquiring a premium domain name. Take the time to research to find out if it’s available. If it is, book it immediately for your social media pages.

Buy premium domains through brokers

Many domain name buyers want to save money by not engaging a domain broker. Experts recommend that you buy premium domains through a broker. A domain broker has connections with many domain resellers, and they can get you great premium domains at pocket-friendly prices.

Buy premium domains under a completely different name

Know that domain name resellers research their prospective buyers before they sell the domains. If they do research about you and find out that you are a high-net-worth individual, they will hike the price.

Make a reasonable initial offer for premium domains

Don’t throw a rock-bottom price when placing your first bid on a premium domain name. The reseller will know that you’re only interested in getting the domain name on the cheap, instead of considering its value. They will be resultant to sell to you as a result.


Getting premium domains at fair prices is easy if you know the tricks. There are many other tricks you can use to find premium domains for less. Combine them with the ones highlighted above, and you’ll have great premium domains at really reasonable prices.
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